Elodie Michaels

Elodie Michaels
Business Unit Leader Data Centres
Elodie Michaels provides services for the Real Estate, Cleantech, Power Generation, Healthcare, Industrial and Telecom industries in Europe and the USA. She brings more than 30 years of experience in operational performance improvement, interim management and due diligence. Elodie’s experience in multiple executive positions, from President, to COO to Managing Partner at Fortune 500 and private equity firms enable her to seamlessly transition from technical to operational environments.

Elodie works today as BU Leader for CBRE DCS for FR SP IT and PE. She manages Datacenters Operations and is instrumental in the acquisition and strategy of new site’s operation. She strives to improve operational efficiencies and welcomes innovations.

She is the Founder and Managing Partner of Global Sustainable Future which bridges the gap to commercialization for sustainable companies by leveraging networks with real world operational partners and investors. Her focus is water, agriculture, the built environment, IoT and Cleantech. In this capacity, she also provides advisory council to an International Family Office (The Seguin).

Recently, Elodie served as an Operating Advisor at Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P, a 2 Billion private equity firm that provides strategic growth capital to companies within the middle‐market focused on global resource scarcity, with a focus on , energy, waste, food, water and health & wellness. Elodie created the Built Environment vertical where she performed 245 company due diligences on companies which resulted in 2 acquisitions, and performed multiple interim management roles, including CEO for LSG.

Elodie served as CBRE’s Managing Director for Energy & Sustainability and led the firm’s 280-person Energy & Sustainability team to implement portfolio-wide efficiency and sustainable operating practices for Fortune 500 buildings that incurred approximately $10B worth of annual utility expenses.  In 2015, Elodie participated in CBRE’s acquisition of Environmental Systems Inc. (CBRE|ESI), a world class building system integrator and “smart building” network operating center. Elodie also led the programmatic implementation of ECMs and retrofits for strategic customers, including a $185M retrofit for JPMorgan Chase and a multi million retrofit program at ATT.

At Veolia Elodie was instrumental in the integration and restructuring of the original 11Trigen central DH plants purchased in 2007 ($710M, 360 people). She also led the $38M acquisition of the Baltimore cooling loop ($6.6M EBITDA) and the renegotiation of the 15 yr Upenn contract ($11M EBITDA).

Elodie has led the commercial strategies and operations of multiple companies including Thermal Science Technologies, Turbosteam, Barber Nichols and Multibase. Main accomplishments include selling the operating license of Condufill to the largest District Heating Company in France, closing the multi Cogen contract with Morning Star (tomato) to provide the manufacturer with independent power source, obtaining the exclusive contract from CERN and CEA Saclay for LN2 pumps, and obtaining the patent for Jet Flex (weatherable polymer).

Elodie is an Executive Advisory board member for Fesco Energy, an ESCO for complete turnkey energy supply, demand, conservation and resiliency projects, Logical Building LLC, a smart building and energy management software tool, Re-Nuble a closed loop hydroponic nutrient and I2 Capital corp which provides catalytic Capital for market-based conservation solutions.