Simon Allen

Simon Allen
Executive Director
Infrastructure Masons
Simon Allen is Executive Director of the Infrastructure Masons (iM) which is a global non-profit, professional association for men and women motivated to make a better-connected world for everyone. Guided by an Advisory Council of industry leaders responsible for the largest and most advanced digital infrastructure portfolios in the world.

The iMasons vision is to Unite the Builders of the Digital Age by enabling our global membership to Connect, Grow, and Give Back.

This year the Infrastructure Masons and our Partners launched the iM Climate Accord: A coalition united on carbon reduction in digital infrastructure. The objective is global carbon accounting of digital infrastructure influencing market-based decisions to drive the industry to achieve carbon neutrality. 

So far over 150 leading companies have made a pledge to adopt an open standard to report carbon in data center power, materials and products and a maturity model to communicate participant progress.

This open standard would encompass carbon labels (like nutrition labels on food) on data centers and products as well as carbon from power consumption to enable global carbon accounting. iM believe the global digital infrastructure industry should cooperate and focus on winning the climate war, not fighting individual battles.